Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Camping In Itasca State Park

The first weekend of October our church had it's yearly campout at Itasca State Park. As always it was loaded with fun. The weather was cool, but the bonfires kept us all warm (as well as the space heater someone lent us for our tent - saved MY life!). We enjoyed the fellowship with our church family the entire weekend and the park was stunning with color. The BIG event for our family and a few others was a 10 mile bike ride through the park in the leaves to admire the fall colors. We biked to the Mississippi Headwaters and crossed the stones and bridges from one side to the other before heading back to camp.

I decided to attempt the bike ride, a somewhat bold leap on my part since I had not ridden a bike in 2 years (didn't own one) and more importantly, I've done nothing that challenging for my knee since my surgery and have not been on any regular exercise program. Throw in that the ride back to the camp was extremely hilly, with one huge doozy at the end that nearly everybody said they get off and walk their bikes up... hmmmm... I liked the challenge, so I decided to give it my best shot. To my utter delight, I was able to complete the ride without having to walk my bike - even up that incredibly nasty hill (the kind when you think you're actually standing still and not really moving at all). I was so pumped that I did it and my knee was okay! YES! I'm back baby! Well, getting there anyway, it still causes me problems with certain things - cannot take on volleyball yet!

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