Monday, October 13, 2008

Christopher's 12th B-Day on June 1st

Our baby boy turned 12 years old on June 1st and it was an odd feeling for me to say the least. He seems to be changing weekly before our very eyes. He has shot up in height to where he is just a mere couple of inches shorter than me, and the most crazy thing is that his voice has changed. I do not even recognize him when he speaks unless I actually see him talking!

We enjoyed Christopher's birthday together as a family and for his special event he chose to see the movie Prince Caspian with his parents and brother Elliot. We are all C.S. Lewis fans and have read the Chronicles of Narnia series, so we were eager to watch the film adaptation which was enjoyable (yet not completely true to the book, no surprise hmm?).

Christopher received gifts of money from grandparents, audio books, 2 more classic Hardy Boys books for his collection and a set of books called The Kingdom Series, that he had a desire to read (A Riveting Medieval Parallel to the Bible).
Last but not least... Christopher's birthday cupcake of choice? Apple Cider Cupcakes... mmmmmm! His birthday meal selection was vegan crepes (made by Dad)!

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