Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MJ Leaves for His New Home

Mid August we had another happy ending, but a sad day...

MJ was picked up at our home by a lovely case worker who was to drive him to his new home with a couple that plans to adopt him. This is an ideal setup for MJ because they are a couple with adult children and really want to raise another child. Last report I got.. he was being horribly spoiled, in my opinion he needs a dose of that for awhile. We witnessed yet again God's hand at work with MJ's placement... as it turns out this couple is in the same small community as my cousin who is adopting MJ's brother & sister - they see each other very regularly. We are all so thrilled for them!

Ruby had some difficulty after MJ left though, she still misses he and Fawn often since they were her best buddies and play pals. I do not think I'll ever forget watching MJ drive away from the house in the back of the car looking out the back window and Ruby calling, "MJ, MJ, MMMMMMJJJJAAAAYYYYYYY!" It made me so sad for her.

At first life was strangely quiet here and seemed too still. The kids needed some time to adjust to the change in the house, but now all are doing fine and we are back in the swing of how life was before when it was just us. I feel such a new awareness of my children and feel so blessed to be able to completely focus on them again. In some ways I feel like I'm getting to know them again since the past year was so, so full and my time alone with any one of them so very little.

Despite this, I would not change what we did for the world. I can truly say that I felt God work through me, and my family to help three kids find a better life and experience love. I don't know if I can say I have ever been more proud to be a part of something; something so much bigger than I will ever really know or understand. I am so thankful to God for all of it.

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