Friday, January 04, 2008

ACL Surgery Video

Lucky me - on December 27th, 2007 I had this very procedure done (but it is not me starring in this film version)... Merry Christmas! (and when was the new year exactly??).

Now, one week later I am strong enough to get to the computer and watch this... NO WONDER I was in such pain for days! I am sooo thankful I was completely out for this - I could barely watch this short film, and the kids were um... freaking - except for one of them who kept pointing out the holes in my leg to match the ones being made in the film. Or the other who asked how in the world I stayed asleep through all of that (I don't even have a clue there).

I'm woozy now... I'll write more later and let you know how recovery is going after week #1.

Can I just say... owie???!