Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mike's Birthday July 29th

Yes, yet another birthday (I'm off duty now until my own in December-which doesn't count, so I guess February). Anyway... Mike had a birthday, we're so glad... let us see how many he has had... or not? Note there are no candles anywhere, neither do you see a cupcake (gasp)! The kids and I decided to deviate from the cupcakes for Dad when we came across the idea to make cakes that look like sushi - since it is his #1 favorite food. We just could not resist. I threw in the trifle dessert for the rest of us to enjoy, which we did very much! It is my friend Beverly's recipe and I haven't made it in a long while - it was amazing of course (thanks Bev!).
We gifted Mike some books that he was wanting - what else would you expect??

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