Tuesday, October 14, 2008

July Fun on the Road

Kids and Grandpa Mark at his river cabin in SD

Christopher & Mike displaying Christopher's solo catch

Having fun on the slip n' slide after a long day in the fishing boat

Kids bathing Pepper with Alyssa's help with a shower head looking device

Shereen persuading Hank to perform for us

Boys having fun cutting Matthew's hair

In July we all headed to Whitlock, SD to do some fishing with Grandpa Mark at his river cabin on the Missouri River. Great fun was had by all the gang, including MJ who was missing his siblings. Fish were caught, excitement was had on the slip n' slide, and just hanging out on the deck. We got to see Grandma Shirley while we were there too which was an added treat!

On the long drive home (nearly 9 hours) we stopped near Valley City, ND and spent the night at our very close friends' - the Meyer family. All sorts of craziness was had there including bathing the dogs multiple times after they went rolling about on dead critter remains, cutting Matthew's hair (he's the big cool 17 year old, so this was especially hilarious), horse rides, the performance of Hank the cow dog singing Happy Birthday and saying "I Love You", the moms (ah, yea that be Shereen & I) jammin out and disco dancing to the Bee Gees while making blueberry muffins in the kitchen (while the husbands & kids pretend not to notice), kittens living under the kitchen sink... you name it. My kids never wanted to leave - MJ wanted to move in under the sink with the cats I think!

At last we arrived home the next day, tired, tan, and toast!

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