Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fawn & Justin Head to Their New Home

Mike & I with my parents, sisters, brother, and all the kids

My sister Becky with our parents and her children, Justin, Fawn & MJ

July 5th marked a day that was an answer to prayer and filled with great joy, but also one that carried some sadness; it was the day Justin and Fawn left our family to begin life with a new one in which they are being adopted.

We had a family reunion that day at my Aunt's home and nearly everyone was there from my father's side of the family, more miraculously was that all of my siblings were present together as well as my parents for the first time in many years. It was such a wonderful time to be all together again after so many trials and problems over the years. My sister Becky was able to spend time with her kids before they went to their new home.

My cousin Wayne, his wife Jodi, and their son Thomas are an answer to prayer - they decided to add Justin and Fawn to their family and are in the process of adopting them. Despite being so incredibly happy for them, I could not help but feel somewhat sad when we drove away at the end of the day. They had been a part of our family for so long and I had fought the fight for them for what seemed like forever. God had it all worked out all along. I know they will be so loved in their new home.

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