Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mike & Sue Vacation in Maine

Standing on the deck outside our room

All dressed up for the wedding!

Sue, David, Mel & Mike

Mike, Carlos, Jill & Sue

In June, after taking the kids to Family campmeeting for our usual summer vacation, Mike and I left for Maine to go to our close friend David's wedding. This was the first time Mike and I had been anywhere alone for longer than a day since Christopher was born - we were there for 4 days! (Only exception being our 2 day homeschool conference this past April.)

We had a grand time at the wedding which was absolutely amazing and beautiful - every bit of it. Mike & I were in the wedding party so we got to do lots of fun jobs to help out. Mike's favorite was being the DJ after the really awesome women's group finished playing at the reception. Many said that Mike was the most dedicated, fun DJ they had ever witnessed - AND he was voted Best Dancer by many of the guests! It was a great group of people to hang out with which made the wedding extra enjoyable - no crazy 20 somethings going crazy and wild - you know what I mean?
After the wedding festivities, we went to do some sight seeing in the Bar Harbor area - all breath taking - then off for a short visit to see our friends Jill and Carlos before they moved to Chile (yes, the one in South America). Jill was the midwife for our 4 children's births and a dear friend - so we HAD to see her before she left the country!
I thought I would miss my kids more than I did - what exactly does that mean? Hmmmmm? We had a fabulous time!

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Mel said...

It means you need to take more vacations without the kids. But not to Maine. Next time you come to visit we expect to see them, too.