Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finally Back To Blogging!!

Well, I know some of you may have given up hope on this blog long ago, but rest assured it is up and running again! Sadly, after the last entry (prior to Christmas) life got a bit full for a few months - then life changed drastically when our family became involved in a family crisis that resulted in Mike and I becoming foster parents for my sister's three children: Justin, MJ, and Fawn. We have had a very full year, with a great deal of adjustments happening for all of us and busy, busy schedules to say the least.
When I was finally able to think of blogging again, I was disgruntled to discover that procedures for Blogger.com had changed I could not get into my blog to do anything with it! It wasn't until just last night that I called in my super hero hubby to aid me in my distress over the situation, and of course within a short amount of time he had it solved - so here I am. That is why HE is the Director of Online Education at the college (and I am most certainly NOT!).
Therefore, stay tuned for more blogs from me, as well as the kiddos. I will be encouraging them to blog independently to develop some tech skills. In the meantime, enjoy the picture above of our entire gang and the BIG 12 passenger van we had to purchase to get us all around!

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