Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mini-Devotions that Speak to Me

This past week has been one where we are dashing from one thing to the next and getting ready to do so in between! I have a list of things I want to write about, but that will be for when my mind is a bit more "fresh". I need to go to bed so I can be off and running to start the new week in the early a.m.!
I happened to be watching a music video moments ago that I have in my favorites list. For me, it's like a 5 minute mini-devotional time to get me reconnected. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

The Voice of Truth - Worship Video

The image above is of a painting by Nathan Greene. His artwork also inspires me to think deeper about everyday things I do, and how I do them. I enjoy studying them very much... they also serve as mini-devotionals for me at times.

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