Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Teaching Natural Childbirth Once Again

It's hard to believe that the last childbirth class Mike and I taught was the summer of 2005 - how time zips right along! I remember finishing that series, then breaking due to the fall being upon us and not being able to squeeze in another series before the holidays began. It was that December Mike was offered his job here in Brainerd and life went crazy busy with preparing to move, then actually doing it.
We've been here for over a year now and last night we began our first Bradley Method Natural Childbirth class in this area, teaching three lovely couples. All of the couples already have children and were unhappy with the birth situations they previously had, and are looking for a birth experience this time around that we, as instructors like to help couples achieve - so I guess they came to the right place!
I have been debating on teaching this class for some time now and took wayyyy too long in making the decision and getting back to these folks, but they were ever so patient and understanding with my heavy concerns about being able to fit one more thing into our busy days. Ultimately, we decided to do it and I think it will work out well for us all - everyone hit it off splendidly during class #1 - so I think it can only get even better.
Our kids had a grand time while we taught - we are teaching at the school Justin attends and so they had the gym to themselves . Additionally, the kids from one of our student couples joined them to play - they too will be coming each week with their parents - so there will be great fun to be had burning up lots of energy. It will definitely give our gang something to look forward to while we teach the 12 week series.
Whew! Just hope we can all take the big weekly night out and I can keep up with it all.

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