Sunday, October 07, 2007

Family Style Drive-In (Walk-In) = Weekend FUN!

This weekend we had some good old family fun that we all immensely enjoyed. The college where Mike works was showing a family film on a huge outdoor screen that they had rented. The community was invited to attend for free - just bring something to sit on out on the lawn. Since I grew up 2 miles away from one of the last remaining drive-in theaters in the state of MN (which I just loved going to!) I have always wanted to take my kids to one, just to experience it - it's just too fun! Anyway, when I learned about this event, I was all over it!
We were so fortunate to have absolutely beautiful weather this past Saturday (85 degrees on Oct. 6th!). It was warm, with a soft breeze and sunshine. So that evening Mike and I kept it secret what the outing was and we gathered blankets, water bottles and made brown paper sacks full of popcorn and loaded up the gang. A few of them were quite suspicious, due to the popcorn (a regular treat for our family movie nights at home) and were onto us - but could never have imagined that we were going to watch a movie outside on the Goliath of a screen we saw when we arrived at our destination - what squeals of delight! We made a camp, broke out the popcorn & water bottles and awaited the film to begin. Plus the college was giving away free popcorn - so we had lots of refills when needed.
The movie for the night was "Cheaper by the Dozen" starring Steve Martin. This was another reason we chose to go to this, since it is one of our kids all-time favorite flicks. What could be funnier than a couple with 12 kids? Hmmmmm... one with seven? J/K. Anyway, regardless of the fact that the adults in the viewing crowd often find themselves thinking the parents in this movie should really just take charge and begin acting like parents, it's still just plain enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny!
Despite the great humor in the film, a very strong message binds the story together - one on prioritizing your family over everything else. I have seen this film at least three times before this particular outdoor viewing, and I'm not sure why it wasn't until this time I took note of what is most definitely Steve Martin's most profound line in the entire film... "If I screw up raising my kids, nothing else I achieve will matter much." Doesn't that ring true huh? Maybe I just needed the massive screen and speakers blasting at me to be able to catch it this time - after all watching a film with 7 kids does lend itself to frequent distractions... grrrrrrrr.
After the film we joined with the crowd in a round of applause, shook the popcorn off our blankets onto the grass (what joy - my kinda clean-up it wasn't on my sofa and carpet for once), collected our garbage, our kids, then made the short trek back to the van. The 2 little girls were sound asleep by the time we got home - great fun was had by all. We will definitely check out next year's film since they said it would now be an annual fall event. Yippee!!! I no longer have to mourn for the dearly departed drive-in that once signaled the turn to my road home.

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Kathleen said...

Oh Sue! It was sure nice to hear you all are having some good fun together! I never did get to go to the drive in, was it the Bijou drive in you used to go to? I always heard about it on KROX radio... :) We just went to the Grand Theatre in Crookston.
Yes indeed, I have to remind myself of that often too...on the other hand, remember that you just being there for them sometimes is enough. You don't have to be their entertainer, philosopher, and maid, etc., ALL the time! :)