Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Program

Last night, November 19th the kids joined the local Adventist church school children to present a Thanksgiving program. The week before was filled with practice at the school and at home to be ready for the big night.

It was a delightful humor filled event titled Did You Know?, consisting of information about past presidents, patriotic songs, musical pieces and a short play on the meaning of Thanksgiving. Christopher, Elliot and Gabriella all did a fine job with memorizing their speaking parts, joining the voice choir, the bell choir, and playing their piano solos.

The audience was drawn into the action as well, with a historical quiz on the presidents and other questions. There was a very good turnout for the event with around 70 in the crowd, all seemingly enjoying the entertainment at hand.

After the program's conclusion refreshments were served, all recipes being directly from first ladies/presidential families of years past. Our family unanimously found Amy Carter's peanut butter cookies to be the best recipe of the night!

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