Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hogwild for Sabra Hummus

Okay Hummus fans (and those of you who aren't..yet), I have a testimonial for you!

Our family has always been a "hummus family"... it seems that you either are (you like the stuff, you eat it regularly, it's a staple in your diet, you bring it to gatherings, etc) OR you're not (never eat it, don't care for it, can take it or leave it sorta relationship).

All of the above having been stated and defined, I will share our recent discovery that has turned into an addiction...

It all began the first weekend of October when we had our good friends Jim & Jan (also a "hummus family") come to stay for a weekend. A few times during their visit they had mentioned bringing some hummus along on the trip and needing to be sure get it out of the vehicle and into the fridge, needing to remember to bring it home, etc. I recall thinking that they were very careful about their hummus and certainly were not going to forget it by any means when they departed. This really caused me to take a "mental note" because in my opinion the only good store bought brand of hummus was made by Holy Land Bakery in Minneapolis and it was hard to find (but was delicious when you did!). I, and my family had long ago given up on even tasting store bought hummus because it was such a dissapointment - and often just plain disgusting. We made our own weekly and loved it, and also enjoyed it on rare occasion at specific restaurants.

Now the time arrived for our guests to depart and once again the topic of the coveted Sabra Hummus resurfaced. Upon questioning I discovered that they felt this stuff was amazing - better than Jan's own recipe (and she didn't have to make it - even better), and better than any store brand - even the Holy Land's version. NOW they had my attention. They shared that they purchase it weekly or even more often and simply cannot get enough of it. At this point the cherished hummus assortment was unveiled and our family was permitted a taste test of the flavors they had on hand. There was no doubt - it was absolutely unparalleled in it's exquisiteness, a flavor and constistency like none other yet fallen on human taste buds. My entire family was amazed, then quickly troubled - Where would we ever find it here in Brainerd? Jim & Jan purchased theirs in Minneapolis. To have found such a treasure and then have it stripped from you in a matter of moments - ohhh despair! In pity, they left the remainder of their great discovery with us to enjoy, since they would soon be able to stock up on more once home. Needless to say it was devoured before they were anywhere near reaching their destination.. it simply called to us from the fridge ever more enchantingly than any puff, pastry, cake or cookie could ever aspire to.

Two weekends later, while entertaining my mother-in-law for a few days here, she & Mike made a run to rent a movie and grab a few groceries. I received a call with a very excited husband in a grocery store asking me if I could guess what he had found - yes indeed, in a grocery store we seldom shop at the amazing Sabra Hummus had been located! A few kinds were purchased and quickly brought home to serve as our movie viewing treat. It was just as good as we had remembered it to be. Since this very night we have visited that store regularly and purchased it weekly to enjoy. It has become a favorite item of each individual in our home, everyone with their own favorite variety. Now, when Mike and I have a video date night, instead of our long time snack favorites of many years (popcorn, Veggie Booty, Soy Delicious ice-cream, or milk chocolate) we enjoy Sabra Hummus and chips!

Last weekend the kids and I took a trip back to Moorhead to visit friends, attend appointments, shop and such. The kids stated that we simply MUST share our discovery with my very good friend Polly because she is a huge hummus eater and has a definite "hummus family". We planned to bring her a variety of kinds to try as a surprise. Ironically, while talking to her on the phone a day or two before going there the subject of hummus came up, she stated she had eaten TWO containerd that very day of it. Curiosity hit me and so I inquired as to if she had ever tried Sabra Hummus? Her response was immediate - "HAD SHE! YES, YES YES!!!" It was that very brand of hummus that she had inhaled two containers of single handedly earlier in the day. She went on to share how she, her husand and daughter could not get enough of it and nearly filled small grocery baskets with it weekly. She wasn't kidding... when we did visit her she had 8 or more containers in her fridge ready for us to feast upon, no need to convince me!

I have read over the ingredients in this stuff a number of times wondering what in the world make it so different. It has all the ususal ingredients in other brands and recipies... hmmmm? It is healthy (all the families mentioned above, including us, are health minded and would not be eating it otherwise), but I cannot help but wonder if there is some secret ingredient in it to addict the taste buds in such a way... why else would we all be such crazy nuts for it? Maybe because it's just plain old amazingly yummy! Try it for yourself and see what happens to YOU - but beware that I warned you of the possible consequences as described above with THREE normally very sane families :-)

Sabra Hummus website:

** No, I have not been paid to promote or advertise this product in anyway - despite the fact that I probably should be!

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Kathleen said...

We're a hummus family too, but at the website for Sabra hummus, it says they don't have it within 50 miles of here!
I'll have to ask/plead with Cashwise for them to get it!
All my attemps at making hummus have been sub-par, so if you have a fav recipe, please share it!
Enjoying reading your blog, it's been a while!