Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flying High with Grandpa Dennis

Yesterday we arrived home after church and potluck to hear a phone message from Grandpa Dennis stating that he was in his airplane and in route to our home for a visit. What a huge surprise! Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Lynette live near Wessington Springs, SD and we have only been able to see them once in the past few years. During this time Grandpa Dennis had earned his pilot's license and had been enjoying flying the friendly skies visiting family and friends. Grandma Lynette, from what we gathered, is still a bit cautious about her frequency of plane travel and for the most part is remaining a land traveler! (I'm with her, flying is not for me!)

Anyway, we were all most excited for the unplanned visit, and for all of us to see Grandpa's new plane. We cancelled our plans to spend the day with friends and awaited the arrival of Grandpa Dennis.

Around the expected time of his coming, Mike actually saw him fly over our house! He, Christopher, Elliot, & Gabriella hopped in the van and headed for the airport to welcome our much anticipated guest. Ruby was napping, so she and I stayed behind. Within 40 minutes I received a call from Mike who asked me, "Guess where we are?" Of course he and the kids were flying high with Grandpa over the city and looking for our house. When they returned home later I was given the exciting details of the flight by all on board.

We all enjoyed a lovely evening with Grandpa Dennis that included supper and a tour of the house. Ruby got to meet him for the first time (she was only 8 months old and asleep when we last saw him). She warmed up to him almost immediately and within no time was perched on his lap calling him "gampa". Gabriella wanted to read him many stories (to which we had to enforce a limit) and the boys enjoyed listening to the stories Grandpa shared about when Mike was a little boy. There was much laughter had by all, for Grandpa Dennis has a genuine warmth and humor that no one can resist.

All too soon, it was time to return Grandpa to the airport for his trip home ( 3 hrs). We parked near the runway so we could watch his take-off and he flew right over our van and away into the night sky. We watched him float away in the distance like a blinking star and were thankful for the very special surprise the day had brought. Grandpa, come again soon!

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Kathleen said...

Wow! that's awesome!
What fun and excitement it must have brought! :)
You really sound like you are enjoying your new place...*smiles*