Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mike & I On Our FIRST Getaway in 12 Years!

Oh, I bet you're intrigued aren't you? WHERE would we get away to after going NOWHERE together w/o children for 12 years.... yes, TWELVE years as of June 1st this year....

Did we go to a fancy resort? A weekend in the cities maybe? Jump on a plane for a romantic escape you wager? no... we headed off to the MN homeschool conference (MACHE) April 18th & 19th - yippee! Now I mean YIPPEE! and yippee when I say that. When you have gone noooo place together alone for the majority of your marriage, any place holds excitement and relief AND I was especially excited to attend a homeschool conference since I had never done so yet in my years of educating the kids in this fashion. Yet, after all the work of finding childcare for all the kids, getting a hotel in Duluth on the lake, etc... it was sort of odd and disappointing that Mike & I would have little time to actually be together and just relax. We both would be busy attending meetings and speakers and looking over curriculum booths.

Nevertheless, we had a great time, took in some outstanding presenters/info that will be hugely helpful in our homeschool next year, and purchased most of the curriculum we will need for the fall. There was some time to visit with friends that were there too, which was relaxing and pleasant. Mike had also scouted out great places to eat in the area: a pizza place that had lots of vegan options, and also a delicious Indian restaurant. The hotel was beautiful too - I could've sat in my room for half a day lounging if time had only allowed.

Meanwhile our kids were hanging out at our house with Mike's mom, who was wonderful enough to come from SD to stay with them, and our three extra kiddos were visiting another foster home in the area that they LOVE to hang out at - a horse farm, every kid's dream home.

It was a great trip, but Mike & I are greatly looking forward to our first REAL getaway coming up in June, where we WILL be jumping on a plane for a romantic getaway to Maine for a dear friend's wedding. While there we hope to have enough time to actually enjoy one another's company!

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