Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finished Physical Therapy!

After 12 weeks of physical therapy twice per week, I graduated on April 8th! My last day was weird... you get to know your team of therapists pretty well when you're with them 2-3 hours per week for 12 weeks straight. I was sad to say goodbye to them, and they expressed how odd it would be not seeing me at 7am in the morning to start their days twice a week. They sent me off with parting gifts; t-shirt, huge microwave heat bag, exercise props and a plan of continuing action. I must confess with the crazy calender we have had in April, I have done no work on my continuing recovery plan - but am pumped to get on track in May. I just need to, there is no other way. Even doing this plan faithfully, it will take me 1- 1/2 years to have full recovery and use of my knee from surgery date to finish.

Currently I can walk great, but not fast for long, and certainly cannot jog or run. I am not able to squat down or kneel yet either, and I do need to be careful how I move it. Yet, I am so thankful to have it functioning w/o pain and a major limp.

So.... back to getting on track with my exercises! I'll be doing very specific ones to build the muscles in certain areas in my knees and legs, as well as a walking program and yoga. In addition, I have orthopedic inserts on the way for my shoes since my feet are soooooo horribly flat it really messes with my knees, as well as my back. New shoes need to accompany the inserts too - it's a wicked $$$ spiral, but in the end it will hopefully prevent me from walking like an elderly woman at the age of 50!

Therefore, I welcome any peppy, motivational email you care to send my way to cheer me in my efforts to better health!

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