Thursday, November 15, 2007

Homeschool Fieldtrip to the Science Museum - A Day in Pompeii - told by Elliot

Near the end of September our entire family went to the Science Museum in Minneapolis for a fieldtrip. We went there because we will be studying Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in our homeschool this year and the main exhibit on display at the museum was A Day in Pompeii along with an omnitheater film on Greece.
We began the day with the film about Greece. There is a huge, huge theater in the museum that is bigger than a regular movie theater, this is where we saw the film. It was all about Greece and how they found the homes and remains of people from ancient times. The movie had many images of volcanoes erupting. Being in this theater is kind of strange at first because it seems like you are moving when you are not because the screen is so big.
Next we went to the Pompeii exhibit where we saw a whole bunch old, old dishes, coins with pictures of ancient leaders from Greece and Rome, & a huge balance they used for weighing things at the market. There were loaves of bread, olives and other food that had been preserved in the ruins. There was a movie you could watch about life in Pompeii and how the volcano erupted. At the very end there were body casts of humans and animals that were discovered. Before going to the exhibit, we watched a movie at home on Pompeii and we were able to see some of the casts that we saw in the movie. Lastly we looked at a display about the different volcanoes in the world today and where they are located on the world map.

Before leaving the museum, we took Paster Hiner (a friend who met us there), and Justin, MJ, and Fawn to see some of our favorite things in the rest of the museum, including the dinosaur area, the tugboat, the giant fish scale and more.

After we left the science museum we went with Pastor Hiner to a really good pizza place that even had vegan pizza with vegan cheese. We were sure to try the Greek pizza (to keep with the theme of the day), as well as a BBQ, a vegan cheese w/olives, and another one I can't remember!

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