Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Amick "Nog" Creation

Are you an egg nog fan? I most certainly am, and Mike and I have a history of nog drinks being a part of our relationship since our first year of dating. It all began when my roommate and I were hosting a Christmas party for friends and co-workers and coming up with a menu. Mike and I decided to try our hand at making homemade egg nog (w/o the alcohol) and it turned out so yummy and was such a hit that a tradition was born!

For several years we used that traditional recipe that took over a dozen eggs, and all the other usual ingredients with some rum flavoring, and it continued to be enjoyed at the yearly holiday parties and gatherings that we regularly took huge batches of it too.

As years passed, and children came along, we weren't so interested in giving our kids a drink so full of raw eggs so we began buying some of the egg nogs sold at the store. These were okay and the kids enjoyed them as part of winter traditions. Soon, with the elimination of milk from our diets, we converted to the Silk brand "Soy Nog" which we have been enjoying for the past several years; but yet, Mike and I were still mourning our original nog recipe that was far superior to anything store bought.

In October I accidentally created a recipe that has revolutionized our family's "Nog Experience". It has become such a favorite with ALL SEVEN CHILDREN, as well as Mike & I that we felt we must share it in case any of you are searching for a more satisfying, delicious, and healthy nog option that will knock your socks off! I have been told it is "THE BEST NOG" that any of them have ever had AND they request it several times a week for dessert, therefore I gladly make it... when you see the ingredients you'll know why!

It began when one day I cooked up a big batch of butternut squash and then decided not to serve it with the meal, so needed to find a use for it the next day. Somehow a smoothie recipe popped into my mind that I had made over a year ago that called for sweet potatoes and I thought I would find the recipe and see what I could possibly do with the squash instead. When I looked over the recipe I decided to give it a try and make a few changes - and of course since I was preparing enough for 9 people, I do not measure and just dump and add stuff until I think it tastes good. When I did this, what I created was incredibly different from what we originally had the year prior, and to my astonishment it tasted like... egg nog!??? I said nothing about the ingredients and served it up to see what kind of response I might get from the gang, (I did not even mention that I thought it tasted like egg nog). The feedback I received was one of overwhelming delight. Everyone loved it (Mike too) and declared it the "Best nog ever!"

We continue to make it and they do not grow tired of it... maybe we'll try it out on guests during the holidays to see how others may like it. I also shared it with my childbirth students who were struggling to get their orange veggies into their diets. This is a fabulously healthy, yet super yummy concoction. Don't be put off by the ingredients... the final product is surprising!

Below is the original recipe, accompanied by my changes. I do not follow the measurements and add way more squash than called for. I also add more ice when I want to make it cold and frosty (the best!). Throw it all in your vita-mix or blender and enjoy! Make it your desired thickness.

Amick Nog

1 medium sweet potato, cooked peeled, and cooled (I have used butternut or delacata squash thus far, but plan to experiment with pumpkin and sweet potatoes)

1/2 cup milk (I use Silk brand Soymilk with DHA added)

1 banana (I use FROZEN bananas)

1/2 -1 apple (core removed)

1/8 tsp nutmeg (I use freshly ground or good quality pre-ground, and add extra to taste)

1 Tbs honey or other sweetener to taste (I use raw honey)

1 tsp Vanilla extract

2 cups ice cubes


Mel said...

So how prevalent is the banana flavor in the mix or have you tried it without? As you probably know, David doesn't do bananas, but the recipe sounds good to me.

Kathleen Keene said...

I am gonna try this as soon as I cook up some squash or sweet potatoes!!! It sounds wonderful!
I'm gonna post it in FMVeg! There are a lot of people who would LOVE it!