Saturday, February 21, 2009

Laundry... the Battle Continues

Remember "My Daily Battle" post ? If not check it out to refresh your memory on my war with laundry, then read on.

Well thanks to a problem with water backing up in our basement repeatedly over the past few months (now finally fixed) I have been forced to stay on top of the laundry (no, not sitting on top of the pile for you wise guys reading this)...

Yet, now that there is so little to deal with I notice that some things "just don't belong here", as the old Sesame Street song goes. My sleuthing led me to discover why I likely had such excess to begin with! It's summed up in this lovely little cartoon...

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Marlene Waller said...

HI Sue

My sister (Marie) caught her 10-year old son putting his clean clothes in the laundry because it was easier than putting them away. That was the last time she did his laundry. I guess that was her version of home schooling.

Sorry you missed yesterday's conference. It was a very nice and pleasant time. As well, of course, Annie was a good speaker. I'm sure Kathy will better report on the subject matter, but I can tell you chapter and verse from the video segments. Obviously I must be a visual learner.