Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knee Surgery Update

It's been awhile since I have written, due inititally to just not getting on the computer often or for very long because of my knee recovery. Steps were challenging and our computer being in the basement, just was not very inviting. Then, once I got more mobile, I was so behind with everything that priorities had to come first, and then my knee was tuckered out and I was back in the chair. Excuse of late, many topics I am desiring to blog, but just am too exhausted at the days end to write. Alas, here I am to plug in an update....

We were very blessed for 3 weeks following my surgery to receive suppers deliverd to our home from church members due to my near permanency in the chair and not being up for long on my legs. We ate like kings each night and the kids lived off of cold cereal and PB & J sandwhiches during the day! I also have a dear friend who popped by each week to round up the kids into a work crew and oversee and organize the household chores, including laundry which is always challanging! It was so helpful!!

I have been, and continue to go to physical therapy twice per week. The exercises grow more challenging each week, and now that I am off crutches (but still wearing the brace) I get to do more interesting things which also include work with weights, balance, etc. My knee and quadrecep muscle are doing well in their return, now I am begining work on my hamstring recovery - that whole area is totally on vacation! I am fortunate to have a great therapist and his entire team are fun to work with and make the experience pleasant.

At home I have exercises I should be doing, and still have the "zapper machine" as I call my Neuromuscular Stimulator Tens Machine. I still just do not enjoy using that thing!

I continue to work for and towards a full recovery of my knee, although the possibility has been stated that I may not get complete range of motion back with it. I tend to have faith that I just might anyway.

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