Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Treasure Hunt At The Christmas Tree Farm

On November 26th, we set out to a nearby Christmas Tree farm to select the Amick tree for 2007. We did not tell the kids where we were headed, only that it was a surprise and they needed to dress warm. We met our friend Marlene at the farm to assist her in getting her tree as well and help her get it up in her home (a hard thing to do alone with those frustrating Christmas tree stands!)

After hiking about the farm we decided on a... ummmm.... a VERY lovely tree. I will let the pictures above tell the story.... needless to say, we are all enjoying our majestic tree (all but Dad I guess, who is having claustrophobic attacks).
This is our families second year visiting the Christmas Tree Farm and it is so much more fun and special than just picking a tree out from the boy scout stand, or the Nodak parking lot as we had done in Fargo for so many years.
It's fun to march about in the evergreen forest looking for just the right tree and then witnessing the process of cutting it down, putting it in the mesh and getting it on the van. We also dig the great crew of teenage elves that work there every year. They are really a great group of kids who have a cheery attitude and make it all the more fun... plus they do all the work, you simply stand and point (that is until you get home, then Mike becomes the elf... but I still get to stand and point!)
Note: Eye Spy with my little eye the kid in the Christmas tree hat in the photos...a.k.a. Gabriella who wears her new hat with brimming joy, but was especially excited to hike about in it during the tree hunt!

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Mel said...

That sure is a big tree! We're planning on getting ours on Saturday, but it'll be much smaller.