Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home Alone (well as close as I can get)

My first weekend here in our new Brainerd home without Mike and the oldest 3 kids is near to reaching it's blissful end. Ruby and I (as I said, I'm almost alone), along with our trusty dog Pepper have had a quiet, relaxed weekend while Mike, the boys and Gabriella had an incredible time at a Pioneer Campout about an hour from here, with 4 other families. It was rustic camping at it's best, where they made rope bridges and ladders, built a raft, learned knot tying, studied astronomy, cooked over a fire, went kayaking, washed up in a basin, (no bathrooms anywhere)... you get the idea.

Here at home I focused on continued planning and scheduling for our upcoming homeschool year. I need to do more work on it, but it feels good to be getting organized. I made a meal menu calander for the entire month of August with a corresponding grocery list. My hope is that it will free more time up for other things in the day and reduce grocery expenses. I'll be sure to report on how it goes after our first month on board the new system!

Well, my little weekend companion is telling me it's time to finish this up!
All for now...

**The accompanying photo is of Gabriella climbing the rope ladder the group made. It is attached to the top of a telephone pole the camp hosts put up for the weekend. Gabriella won the award for the bravest camper at the conclusion of the weekend due to her perseverance in conquering her fear of heights by finally climbing this ladder and walking the rope bridge after multiple attempts. (The rope bridge could be likened to a low tightrope with a small rope on each side to hold onto.)

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